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Lily Offers a Wide Variety of Services

U.S. Tax Services

1040 / 1040NR - U.S. Individual Income Tax Return

1120 / 1120F - U.S. Corporate Income Tax Return

1065 - U.S. Partnership Income Tax Return

Form W-7, Application for IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number

Forms W8 BEN, W8 BEN-E, W8 ECI

FBAR Preparation and Filing

U.S. Property Rental and U.S. Vacation Home Tax Filing

U.S. Gambling Winnings Tax Filing

Voluntary Disclosures

Cross-Border Tax Planning

Canadian Tax Services

T1 - Individual Income Tax Return

T2 - Corporate Income Tax Return

T3 - Trust Return

T4 - Paroll Summary and Payroll 

T5 - Dividend Tax 

GST Return for business owners and corporation

T5013 - Partnership Return

T1135 - Foreign Assets Reporting

NTR - Financial Statements Preparation

CRA Audit Assistance

Tax Planning - Corporation and Individual

Voluntary Disclosures

Corporate Tax Planning

Canadian corporate tax laws are rapidly changing. As an experienced tax accountant, Lily provides corporate tax planning, business consulting services and succession planning to provide you with the most effective methods of reducing your corporate taxes.

Personal Tax Planning

Canadian personal tax is complex. Lily ensures that all deductions and credits available to you are utilized to the full extent. Lily offers a variety of services from personal tax planning to estate ad trust planning.

GST, Payroll, Dividend, Incorporation 

Lily is committed to offering personalized service that you can afford and meet your budget, no matter what the size of your accounting and tax project is.

U.S. Tax - Individual & Corporation

U.S. tax laws are complex and rapidly changing. Lily provides tax planning and tax return services for individuals and corporations with cross-border U.S.-Canada tax obligations and exposures.

Lily is committed to ensure Canadian and U.S. individuals and corporations are in compliance with the U.S. and Canadian tax laws to protect assets and to avoid exposure to double taxation.

Financial Statements & Bookkeeping

Lily offers a variety of accounting services. It does not matter you are an individual, an independent contractor or a small business owner. 

Lily takes a proactive approach to plan tax matters to minimize tax obligations and maximize tax credits. Lily provides great solutions to accomplish your business and your personal goals - short term and log term.

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